AVICA Sûreté

AVICA Sûreté’s first activity is the private security of goods and persons since 1995.
Thanks to its expertise, our company offers today a wide range of professions, allowing us to offer you a service always more adapted to your needs.

Security Agent

The security agent carries out missions of prevention, surveillance and protection of goods and persons, in compliance with the legislation and regulations in force, as well as the instructions of his or her hierarchy. Reception and access control, general surveillance and technical site security… are also part of his duties. It detects anomalies and intrusions and manages incidents.
It also carries out the appropriate backup actions: personal assistance, diagnosis, first aid measures (if necessary), etc. The security agent intervenes at the request of authorized personnel or when an alarm is triggered. When the required intervention exceeds his prerogatives, he then warns or has the competent services (or designated persons) warned to stop the disorder concerned.

Canine Agent (dog handler)

A man-animal pair. The CANINE SECURITY AGENT is a security agent who must strive to form a real “Man / Dog” team that knows how to optimise the acquired and natural qualities of the dog. The dog is the auxiliary of the dog handler in the exercise of his mission.

Intervention Officer, Patrol Agent

The mobile security guard is a security guard who performs :
* Interventions on alarm within the framework of remote security missions.
* Patrols at variable hours or not, on several sites;
His main work consists of carrying out surveillance patrols and/or interventions to prevent malevolence and easily detectable risks such as fire or intrusion.

Events Agent

For all your private or public events (concert, trade fair, gala, private party, sports, cultural, political events…), the presence of the event agent will ensure the successful organisation of the activities:
– Access control
– Visual inspection of carry-on baggage
– Safety palpations
– Ticket control
– Front of the stage surveillance
– – …